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Focusing on the one-stop service for many years,And radiation around the related products,Product has become a foothold in Beijing,The diversity of service the compound trade show decoration enterprise,Including Ryan diamond、China's technology、ZA、Cano jiao、Mei and beauty, many famous brand service。
From design to the factory installed,Company implement total quality tracking record,Production process with quality tracking ticket counters,Ensure that each link can be strictly controlled,On time and qualified to install in place。
From raw materials procurement to production process and product packaging,The layers of optimization,Ensure the quality at the same time,Cost reduction。
7*24Hours of logistics distribution、The installation,Beijing、Shanghai、Chengdu、Installed directly covered in south China,Service is well-established professional after-sales service team,Considerate service,Regular follow up pay show status,For you to solve all problems。

Jiangyin rubber roller manufacturing co., LTDFocus on plastic roller production more than 30 years

The company was founded in 1980,Rubber roller production experience of more than 30 years,Have their own process。According to customer requirements、It can produce a variety of specifications、Nitrile butadiene rubber roller hardness、Natural rubber roller、Alcohol rubber roller printing、UVPrinting rubber roller、Three yuan 3-20 roller、Rubber and plastic alloy roller、Hai long rubber roller、Silicone rubber roller、Foam rubber roller、PURubber roller、Polyurethane, etc。In the textile、Printing and dyeing machinery(Sizing machine-Glass bead rubber roller、Car pad dyeing rubber roller、Printing machine roller、Setting machine rubber roller、Mercerizing......【To check the details】

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Printing rubber roller should satisfy what conditions
Printing rubber roller should satisfy what conditions 1、Printing rubber roller surface should be smooth as possible,Need to strictly control the size within the tolerance range,Under the condition of the temperature and humidity changes and do not have a lot of changes。 2、Should be...
Printing rubber roller for printing quality of the product
Ink uniform is gradually in the process of a number of rubber roller, in turn, pass,In the process, in addition to the rubber roller and roller and the participation of the so-called string of ink roller。In the offset press,Rubber roller and hard roll always arranged at regular intervals,Shape...
The development of industrial rubber roller
Washing machine brush roller to check what?Used in from manufacturer to manufacturer in the process of transportation,In order to prevent the sundry、Dust brush silk dyeing,To use cases、Bag packing materials such as packaging,In order to prevent the have...
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