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Add the date: Jun 3 2019

Higher software made Beijing until Tang Hua gen、Shanghai Internet of fund investment,Strive to buildAI+Big data new manufacturing ecological wisdom

Our company made Beijing until Tang Hua gen、Shanghai Internet of fund investment。

After this round of financing,We will continue to focus onAI、Research in the field of big data real-time intelligent manufacturing,Actively cultivating artificial intelligence and innovative products and services,Further optimize the product service system,Improve the product research and development and the product competition ability...

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Add the date: Mar 23 2019

Up to take an active part in softwareSEMICON CHINA 2019

Up to take an active part in softwareSEMICON CHINA 2019(2019Years3Month20Solstice22Day),Booth numberN5-5467。

The company was invited to21On the afternoon「Intelligent manufacturing BBS」Campaign speech,And released the semiconductor full automatic production line solution---myCIM 4.0。

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Add the date: Aug 13 2018

In software(Shanghai)Co., LTD., Beijing branch established

Office located at Beijing e-town glory road economic and technological development zone19The Lin squareASeat728Room。

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Add the date: Jul 10 2018

In software(Shanghai)Co., LTD., a housewarming notice

As the company's business continues to grow,A growing team,Admit need because of the company,Since2018Years7Month15The date,The company officially relocated to the following address:

Shanghai pudong century avenue1198A century remit1701Room
Zip code:200122
Contact phone number:+86 21 50804093

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Who we are

We provide the best for high-tech manufacturing production management、A full range of、Custom integration solutions and timely local technical support services。

Products and services

We provide manufacturing execution system for high-tech manufacturing enterprises(MES)、Statistical process control system(SPC)、Equipment automation solution(EAP)、RecipeManagement system(RMS)、Data analysis system(EDA)As well as the manufacturing data platform(MDM)。

Industries and fields

We are involved in semiconductor industry and areas of before and after manufacturing、Solar photovoltaic battery and component manufacturing andLEDBefore and after manufacturing and other high-tech manufacturing industry。

Our customers